The Dirty Art: Vol V | Blank Space

The Dirty Art: A Celebration of Norwegian Urban Art, VOL V

12.01.2018 - 22.02.2018

About The Dirty Art, Vol V:

Opening Reception: 12.01.2018, 18:00-21:00


Exhibition lasts until 22.02.2018 

Blank Space’s 5th annual highlight of Norwegian urban art kicks off our 2018 lineup with a bang. 4 local graffiti, urban, and street artists take to our walls to create a single large scale, multi-layered, and interactive work that audiences are encouraged to take home with them - yes, each audience member will be welcome to deconstruct the extensive work throughout the length of the exhibition. 








Art for the people! In this 5th installment of Blank Space’s yearly tradition, where we highlight the many uses of increasing art’s visibility by taking it direct into people’s lives, via the very city around them. With Oslo’s increasing polarized view of street art - at once supporting its sanctioned creation and status-symbol collecting versus costly penalties for tagging, graffiti, and unlawful muralism we are left with very few realistic options for supporting a field of art that truly gives a voice to society’s mute population, either as an actor or supporter.

This year’s theme:  Who owns street art? Is it the artists who create it, either legally or illegally? The city or private firm who own the property? The citizens who see it every day? Or the high-end collectors who remove the work, sometimes brick by brick, only to secure it within their own private collection?

The walls, approximately 45 square meters of white space, will be painted thick with layers upon layers of boards, frames, canvas, and paper to create an ever-changing motive as pieces are slowly stripped off the wall by audience members throughout the 2-month show. This free giveaway of work by some of Oslo’s urban artists symbolizes exactly our point of view:





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