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Blank Space is proud to be Norway’s largest collective of artists, designers, and cultural freelancers.

We offer 11 private studios and 15 desks to any creative-minded individuals in Oslo who are looking for a great place to work. This means we have over 60+ troublemakers under our roof.

We offer all the standard amenities (kitchen, bathrooms, showers, communal areas / meeting rooms) and some not so standard ones (library full of artbooks, lounge areas, even a sauna!) All rooms are the same price per m² and include all costs - common costs, internet, electricity, cleaning, and all the coffee / tea / hot cocoa you can drink. 

In addition to this, you also get a free Nerd level membership with us which gives you the ability to sell your art commission-free on our webshop (link), free classes, discounts on renting our venue for events and exhibitions, and, honestly, so much more.

This ain’t your momma’s coworking. And not just because your momma probably doesn’t understand the concept of coworking - but we offer a welcomed solution to contemporary problems for the ever growing class of creative contractors and small businesses.

For viewings and questions, please contact

Available workspaces:

Room I: 13kvm

This is probably the best room in the whole collective! You get a spectacular view from Domkirke down Storgata with huge windows that seal tightly shut (to block out any noise and keep things warm or cold in whatever season!)

This room is perfect for 2 people, but can fit 1-3 if necessary. 

Cost: 5 500kr per month

Room K: 16kvm

This corner office fits 3 desks comfortably, or for 1-2 people who need more space to their creative flag fly.

This room has plenty of light, electrical outlets, and is super quiet so you can work all day and night with no distractions. 

Cost: 6 400kr per month

Room A: 22kvm

Our most popular room is now vacant! This room is perfect for 1-5 persons and is completely private and secure with a lockable door.

It features large windows overlooking Oslo with wonderful light throughout the day. and a very practical workspace layout. 

Cost: 8 800kr per month

Room J: 26kvm

Looking for an office for your illustration collective, your game development studio, or for you and your friends to share right in the middle of downtown Oslo?

This room is our largest, and offers a great wall of windows overlooking Storgata (without the noise) and some great lighting. It can fit 4-9 people depending on how much junk you have...

Cost: 10 000kr per month

Shared Desk:

Don't need your own room, but still want a bit more privacy? We have a few desks in a shared room - where you share the room, but not the contract with up to 3 other people!

This offers the best of those worlds - more privacy AND more socialization! 

Cost: 2 600kr per month (flat)

Fixed Desk:

Need a large desk to work, and looking to get inspired by the people around you? Our fixed desks are a great opportunity to have a space to work (that isn't your kitchen) in a community that serves artists and designers.

You would be sharing an open landscape room with 7 others and would get 2 columns of shelves in addition to a lockable cabinet to store your things.

Cost: 2 100kr per month (flat)

Flexi-Desk / Hot Desk:

Just need a desk now and then? Tired of going to noisy cafes for overpriced tea that your forget to drink anyways? Then our flexi-desks are perfect for you - grab a desk in our 80+kvm gallery and work in an inspiring environment with like minded others.

The only hitch? You have to clean your desk before you leave for the day, so someone else can use the spot when you are gone!

Cost: 1 100kr per month (flat)

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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