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Studios and Desks

We offer 11 private studios of all sizes and 15 desks to productive visual artists in Oslo who are looking for a great place to work. 

As an important part of Blank Space you will have access to one of Oslo's most proactive creative communities, designed specifically for artists and designers. You will receive a free membership, special discounts on classes and events, and access to our large space (65+kvm) where we encourage you to host your own artistic events.

Silkscreen access on site can be added onto your rental, for a 500kr per month fee. 

We offer a large full kitchen as well as 3 bathrooms, shower, library, large meeting room, and sauna. Also probably the best people watching spot in the city. 

All rooms are the same price per m² and include Blank Space membership, common costs, internet, electricity. (ie: no hidden surprises!)

For viewings and questions, please contact

Available workspaces:

Fixed Desk:

Are you a freelancer, or digital nomad, looking for a super nice place to work? If all you need is a big desk with the best working mates, then our fixed desks are perfect! Add our inspiring atmosphere, and you'll love coming to work as much as is physically possible. 

Included in this is also storage space, with lockable drawers. (And a great view of Storgata!)

Cost: 2000kr per month (flat)

Shared Room:

Do you need a bit more space than a single desk? Do you want more privacy during working, are more introverted, or need more security for your belongings?

Then share a private room, but not a contract, with 3-4 other artists! This gives you the best of both worlds - with a super social and inspiring environment to work in, but also your own space to call home.

Cost: 2500kr per month (flat)

Flexi-Desk / Hot Desk:

Just need a desk now and then? Tired of going to noisy cafes for overpriced tea that your forget to drink anyways? Then our flexi-desks are perfect for you - grab a desk in our 80+kvm gallery and work in an inspiring environment with like minded others.

The only hitch? You have to clean your desk before you leave for the day, so someone else can use the spot when you are gone!

Cost: 1000kr per month (flat)

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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