An ancient and powerful tree stands before you, its leaves long since full of life and its trunk a hust of the majesty it once commanded.  Is there a way to wake it? Perhaps its energy could revive this long dead wasteland, or perhaps some greater evil waits within its roots....

This build also comes with detachable and movable "roots", which easily plug into the base of the tree. I used this for a "Stage 2" Boss fight, where the roots became animate.....

100% built by hand by artist Liz Ramsey.


Due to the fragile nature of this item, only local pick-up is available in Oslo, Norway.


100% of the proceeds from this sale goes towards Women for Women International's Emergency Relief Fund for Women in Afghanistan.

The Waning Tree

  • This item is incredibly fragile! Given this nature, it cannot be shipped. 

    Although it has been glued down heavily, some pieces may still break off (especially small particles such as dust, grass, and small stones). These will not have any major effect on the overall build, and can easily be reattached wherever with no real aesthetic difference.