Creative Stretching - Exercises for Digital Freelancers
Wednesday, March 14, 2018. 6.00 PM

Creative Stretching – March 14

  • These monthly classes will give you an opportunity to practice an easy flow that stretches and strengthens the body. It will teach you some easy stretching movements that can be practiced anywhere and any time of the day. We will also go through a series of partner sequence where we use our neighbours help to go deeper in the stretch.

    Join Blank Space and yoga instructor Kata for an hour to undo some of the damage sitting at a desk all day does. We have created this special workshop to focus on your hands, arms, wrists, circulation, and lower back exercises. These stretches / mild muscle workouts can also be done while you're at work to lessen aches after you get off, and can be repeated at home. Really, anywhere and anytime.