Neil Ross - Exhibition

Neil Ross - Sector 7 & other merz

04.03.2016 - 04.05.2016

Opening Reception: 04.03.2016 , 18:00-21:00


Artist will be present


Blank Space is proud to present their newest exhibition: Neil Ross - Sector 7 & other merz.


On Friday, March 4th through May 4th 2016 Blank Space is opening its newest exhibition, a solo collection of artist Neil Ross (UK). This show will feature 6 full-scale giclee prints featuring his personal geometric industrialscapes, ranging from 1 meter to 6 meters large. 

Neil Ross - Sector 7 & other merz
Opening Exhibition March 4th, 2016 at Blank Space
Neil Ross - Sector 7 & other merz
Opening Exhibition March 4th, 2016 at Blank Space
Neil Ross - Sector 7 & other merz
Opening Exhibition March 4th, 2016 at Blank Space
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Panel Discussion: 05.03.2016


Blank Space is collaborating with Westerdals ACT to host a panel discussion about concept art, what it was, what it is, and what it will be.

We welcome our panelists:
Neil Ross


Nikolai Lockertsen


as well as our moderator:

Hans Brekke.


Neil Ross, best known for his concept and visual development work in big Hollywood films and animations such as The Jungle Book , 2014, Tron: Uprising, Paranorman, Hotel Transylvania , 2008, The Prince of Persia/ The Sands of Time, The Golden Compass, The Croods, The Corpse Bride, Space Jam, Braveheart, and The Cobbler and the Thief.



However, in this show, Mr. Ross presents his personal works that encompass the depth of a true creative soul: one that does satiate at simple tasks or concepts, one that does not stop at any point in the pursuit of curiosity. His passion for creating art does not begin or end in the visual, but extends to the How’s and Why’s of the historical and the philosophical. Mr. Ross questions not only how to make a beautiful picture, filled with the skills of someone who has worked in a highly competitive business for over 30 years, but also The Golden Question of “What’s the point?”. This gives his work a uniqueness that bounds beyond something pleasing to the eye, but extends into questioning what was, what is, and what will be without pretension.



The Jungle Book , 2014 : Concept Design/ Illustration

The Panorama of Konstantin Grcic , 2013 : The Panorama (installation at Vitra Design Museum , G- Weil Am Rhein.)

The Prophet , 2012: Visual Development

The Stressful Adventure of Boxhead & Roundhead , 2012 : Matte Painter

Tron: Uprising , 2011: Matte Painter/ Designer

Project Sunrise , 2010: London Committee for the Olympic Games , Matte Painter/ Designer

Paranorman , 2009: Visual Development

Hotel Transylvania , 2008: Visual development

A Monster in Paris , 2008: Art Direction & Visual Development

P.L.A.N.T.S , 2007: Visual Development

The Prince of Persia/ The Sands of Time. 2009: Concept Illustrator

The Tale of Despereaux , 2008: Visual Development

The Golden Compass , 2007: Concept Illustrator

Flushed Away , 2006: Visual Development

Eva Goes to Foreign , (Short), 2006: Designer & Director

La Reine Soleil , 2006: Design & Visual development

Crood Awakening , 2005 , (aka The Croods): Visual Development

Eddie Dickens’ Awful End , 2005: Visual Development

Valiant , 2005: Visual Development

The Corpse Bride , 2003 : Concept Illustrator/Set Designer

Antz , 1998: Visual Development

Space Jam , 1996: Visual Development

Braveheart, 1995: Production Illustrator

Fievel Goes West. 1991: Art Director

The Cobbler and the Thief , 1985: Background painter

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