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Gallery Rentals

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To increase the visibility of artists of all kinds, experience levels, and styles, we offer our gallery for rental. To fight "gatekeeper" gallery mentality, we do not curate who "gets in" to rent this space - anyone, regardless of skill or background, is welcome to rent the space.

Please scroll down to read more about these regulations, and get in touch with us via if you have any questions or would like to schedule a viewing.  

This is not to be confused with our Venue Rentals, which works best for single events such as lectures, parties, or classes. Find out more information about that on our Venue Rentals page.


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The artist is responsible for:

  • Managing your own opening hours*

  • Marketing and Press

  • Curation

  • Mounting, hanging, and de-installation*

  • Photography

  • Transport*

  • Framing and Prints of images

  • Alcohol Permits and Serving

  • * The artist receives 1 key to Blank Space, which gives 24/7 access to during the week of rental. If this key is not received back, then you will be charged a 5000NOK fee to change the locks. 


Blank Space offers:

  • 1 free consultation up to 1 hour, with Gallery Owner and Curator Liz Ramsey

    • Blank Space will be of general use during the planning process

  • 1 Newly cleaned gallery, installed with professional lighting and great standards.

  • Central location in downtown Oslo, at Storgata 32 

  • A-m-a-z-i-n-g atmosphere

  • A line on our website's gallery section

  • You are encouraged to tag us (@blankspaceoslo) to take advantage of our good reputation ;)

  • Regular gallery materials, such as hammer and nails, levels, ladders, tape, etc. 

  • Access to a large creative and cultural audience


  • Photographer- 5000NOK min

  • Marketing- 5000NOK min

  • Curation help - 1000NOK, 1 hour (free for Blank Space members)

  • Gallery Attendant: 250kr per hour

  • Mounting / De-installation: 250kr per hour


Important Stuff:

  1. The gallery walls will either be black or white - we sadly don't have much control over which of these two colors the walls will be. If you have any special requests, either to do with the walls or not, please let us know and in good time so we can assist you as best we can. 

  2. It is possible that Blank Space will have classes during your desired rental week. While it is normally fine to "share" the room, this also gives your exhibition a greater exposure to Oslo's artistic enthusiasts. However, you are guaranteed privacy for your exhibition opening, as well as a heads up on what classes we will be offering on your desired week before signing the contract so you can make the best decision for your.  

  3. Weeks begin Monday at 11:00 and end Sunday at 17:00

  4. A 4000NOK deposit is required. This will be forfeited if any damage is done to Blank Space under your rental week, or if condition in point 6 is not met.

  5. 50% of the total rental sum is required 1 month before your opening, and the 50% rest 1 week before your opening. In the event that the artist cancels less than 2 weeks before, or does not pay the 2nd half of the rental fee, the deposit is forfeited.

  6. No agreements will be made prior to a portfolio being shown. Digital / emailed portfolios will suffice. This is to ensure that we do not get any images which we deem offensive - as we have a zero tolerance policy for racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise unwanted imagery. If an artist decides to hang up such imagery anyways, their access will be immediately revoked and the money NOT refunded.

    This is NOT to ensure that you are "good enough", or follow any of our "aesthetics".

  7. Blank Space has insurance on artwork that is damaged, as long as with was NOT through negligence, or stolen up to 100000NOK. The artist is expected to pay the "copay" relevant to each case.

  8. A contract must be signed before any agreement is official. 

  9. To book the gallery, or for a viewing, please email us at

First things first: The gallery costs 4.000- per week to rent, with a 1-week minimum. The artist keeps 100% of all sales.

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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