Exhibition - AR | Blank Space

Digital Playgrounds: The Art of Augmented Reality

April 20th - May 16th 2018

About Digital Playgrounds:

Opening Reception: 20.04.2018, 18:00-21:00


Exhibition lasts until 16.05.2018

Blank Space releases it’s newest yearly exhibition merging technology and art with this first installment of Digital Playgrounds: The Art of Augmented Reality. In this exhibition, we are inviting 10 renowned artists of different styles and backgrounds to delve into what many argue is the future of art - the mysterious and infinite world of technology. 


Participating Artists:

David Stenmarck - http://www.davidstenmarck.no

Simon Nyhus - http://simonnyhus.com

Martin Mauseth Hvattum - http://www.martinhvattum.com

Frits Olsen - http://fritsolsen.com

Inna Hansen - http://innaha.com

Rikke Jansen - https://cartrdge.com/mulmbot

Thrilly - https://www.thrilly.com

Bjørnar Frøyse - http://bjofro.tumblr.com/

Georg Aleksander Sletsjøe - https://www.instagram.com/ga.prod


White walls with white frames. A still, serene, and curious installment to walk into. However, when seen through a handheld device, blossoms into color and vibrancy that you never would have known. Walk through fields of color, ancient landscapes, and shapes that stretch meters wide to immerse yourself in the reality before you - but lower your hands, and it’s back to boring.

This is the idea for introducing audiences to what augmented reality is - you are not warped to a far off place, but instead the reality where you stand is different: improved or warped in whatever way. Augmented. In this project, art is not a passive experience -by viewing the blank gallery walls through the provided handheld device, audiences are given a first-hand experience to the playgrounds 9 local artists have created just for them. 

In addition to this installation, Blank Space will be hosting public workshops and lectures to let the masses learn more about this amazing craft. 

Blank Space prides ourselves on giving established artists new challenges and opportunities to grow their skills, and so in addition to our 10 artists and designers, we are honored to be working with to be working with new media designer Rosa Hernández and developer Tommy Svensson, of Logic Interactive. Through their passion for technology and things-not-yet-seen, they have created a unique program just for this exhibition. 

Children are encouraged to attend.

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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