The Dirty Art, Vol IV - Blank Space

The Dirty Art: A Celebration of Norwegian Urban Art, Vol 4

13.01.2017 - 23.02.2017

About The Dirty Art:

Opening Reception: 13.01.2017 , 18:00-21:00


Exhibition lasts until 23.02.2017

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This is the word we wrap ourselves around this fourth edition of The Dirty Art. At this interactive exhibition, celebrating the Norwegian street/urban art scene will not be a passive experience, but instead one filled with participation and action.

The Dirty Art has gathered many different artists from all forms of expression, sat them together and asked them to shed a light on a single question:

Who owns public space?

Under this year's Dirty Art will we show some of the ideas that lay behind the urban art scene: Sketches. Both used and unused, this exhibition will be displaying original drawings made by some of Oslo's best artists, taggers, and writers across the city's urban sprawl such as Ohno, Stay, Pay2, Liks, Isit, Sgee, Lemak, Kaptein Blomst, Anus, Trash and Tiger.

Photographer Kim Erlandsen has documented nearly all of Oslo. Both on the street and at his work, working with NRK, he has documented almost everything – from staff photos to Melodi Grand Prix, live concerts (yes, he photographed Justin Bieber).  However in this exhibition he offers us something different -the city as the canvas.

Join Nipper (NO, Bergen), long known for his interactive projects of bringing art to the streets, his DIY pieces had caught the attention of Norway's street art superstar Nuart, as a featured artist in 2016.  In this hands-on display, Nipper invites audiences to explore, create, and question why they can or cannot make art. (Spoiler: You can. And should.)

Lastly, take your new founded love of urban art on the road with Urban Samtidskunst. Finally gathered for the first time in a single format,  grab a self-guided tour map of Oslo's urban art scene by Urban Samtidskunst and celebrate all the artworks they have contributed to Oslo since its founding in 2012. Urban Samtidskunst, who is the curatorial project of nearly all of Oslo's large scale illustrations scattered across East Oslo, is long overdue for a celebration of their own, and Blank Space is proud to feature them in this exhibit.


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