Exhibition - Theo Felizzola | Blank Space

Colorful Moments: by Theo Felizzola

05.18.2016 - 27.09.2016

About Colorful Moments:

Opening Reception: 05.08.2016 , 18:00 - 21:00


Exhibition lasts until 27.09.2016. 

Subject and paint. Both can be so mysterious, energetic and beautiful. Somewhere between sight, heart, and thought resides the inspiration to keep moving forward. This energy comes during the act of painting from the figure, where I focus on seeing and painting the energy and beauty of my subject.


Out of everything that art can be, contemporary impressionism is my method and youthful women are my subject. Each subject has the capacity to influence my artwork in unforeseen ways. I combine the texture of paint with the emotional power of color to portray the delicate nature of my female models. Figure painting is a life  long practice and with each painting I become more sensitive to this unique visual language. It is the powerful conversation between my subject and my painting, beauty inciting beauty, that drives me to be a figure painter.


In this exhibit you will be able to experience my daily attempts at capturing life. These are small paintings are brought to you from my residence and studio in Brazil. I invite you to spend some time with these colorful moments. Appreciate the lovely individuals posing for 'art's sake', both in their pose and personality, as I have transformed them into painted celebrations of the beauty of life.




Artist's Statement:

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