Jippi Space - Blank Space

Monsters: They are among us

March 3rd - April 27th 2017

About Monsters: They are among us

Opening Reception: 3/3/2017 18:00 - 21:00


Exhibition lasts until 27/04/2017

Blank Space’s newest exhibition reveals a world where artists are given the task of exploring a single word: Monsters. MONSTERS: They are among us, is Blank Space’s second annual global, open call group show that gives artists, designers, and creatives of all mediums the chance to show audiences monsters both real and imaginary.

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” 
― Werner Herzog

With a word as old as time itself, there are bound to be discrepancies. Are monsters misunderstood creatures just needing comfort? Are they ancient evils waiting in the shadows, ready to attack unsuspecting non-believers? Or is it allegory for the inner darkness lurking inside us all? The symbolism of monsters, of the bad, the cast out, and the tortured soul, describes something deeper than a creature of multiple eyes, slimy teeth, and hairy knuckles. By letting artists individually explore this idea, we come to a greater understanding of the complications of grouping all things unwanted into a group with such a negative connotation such as “Monster”.

'Monsters: They are among us' follows the incredible success of Blank Space’s first global, open call group show of “Robots: “ With over 85 illustrations, 12 animations, 45 artists from over 12 countries, Robots was a wonderful adventure into comprehending the future and where we are going. Monsters aims to instead, in our “us vs. them” societal climate, take a deeper look into our own proverbial closets for what could be waiting inside.

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