The Dirty Art: A Celebration of Norwegian Street At (VOL 3)

15.01.2016 - 01.03.2016

About The Dirty Art, Vol 3:

On Friday, January 15th, 2016, Blank Space is opening its newest show, The Dirty Art: A Celebration of Norwegian Street Art, Vol 3, which is the third installment of an annual show highlighting Norwegian street art and artists.


The show features the work of Espen Henningsen, Martin Whatson, Atle Østrem, Hama, Argus, David Stenmarck, and Martin Mauseth Hvattum and more.


Most artists will be present for the opening night.Prints or other original works will be available for sale.

Opening Reception: 06.11.2015 , 18:00-21:00


Exhibition lasts until 15.12.2015. 

Blank Space honors one of the world’s foremost forms of art with their annual Dirty Art exhibition, where we celebrate street art’s amazing ability to bring art directly to you! Now including no entrance fee, no judgments, and no nonsense.


In this third yearly edition of the already popular show we welcome 7 street artists- some old and some new, some gallery oriented and some straight from the street. Don’t expect any high-priced, elitist art on these walls – each artist will be painting work directly onto the walls of the gallery itself so, every viewer can experience the pieces as they meant to be seen: as a form of cultural expression and not a contest for the most expensive piece.


This year’s show, with an even more diverse group of artists, rounds out many of the exciting avenues and styles that street art can entail : stencils, installation, throw-ups, graffiti, murals, hand-painting, spray, and more. We’ve welcome all our artists to do whatever they want, and have supported new collaborations from each of them, and so be prepared for brand new work with untapped imagination and passion.

Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
Exhibition from VOL 2
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Tegneserier Bibliografi: 


  • 2006: Nebelgrad Blues 1 - Jippi forlag

  • 2006: Nebelgrad Blues 2 - Jippi forlag

  • 2007: Nebelgrad Blues 3 - Jippi forlag

  • 2008: Nebelgrad Blues Bok 1 Traktorfuzz (samling av Nebelgrad Blues 1 - 3) - Jippi forlag

  • 2008: Nebelgrad Blues Bok 2 Eksossolo - Jippi forlag

  • 2009: Nebelgrad Blues Betongdrømmer 1 - Jippi forlag

  • 2011: Apefjes (med manus av Tor Erling Naas) - Cappelen Damm

  • 2012: Generator - Jippi forlag

  • 2013: Ulvehjerte (med manus av Tor Erling Naas) - Cappelen Damm

  • 2015: Flammetenner (med manus av Tor Erling Naas) - Cappelen Damm

Illustrasjoner i bøker
  • 2013: Bjørn Arild Ersland: Tut, Nut og Knut - Cappelen Damm

  • 2013: Bjørn Arild Ersland: Damir får en fugl - Cappelen Damm

  • 2014: Julia Kahrs: Billie Ve - Gyldendal

Priser og utmerkelser


  • 2006 - Bergen kommunes debutantpris

  • 2007 - Sproingprisen for Nebelgrad Blues 3

  • 2008 - Kulturdepartementets tegneseriepris for Nebelgrad Blues 4 - Eksossolo

  • 2012 - Ordknappen 2012 for Apefjes

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