Exhibition - Deformat | Blank Space

A Decade Under the Influence
17.08.2018 - 29.09.2018

Opening Reception: 17.08.2018, 18:00-21:00


Blank Space presents its newest solo exhibition featuring the works of Remi Juliebø, aka Deformat, with both new and older pieces in this retrospective exhibition highlighting the artist’s 10-year career producing distinct and award-winning illustration for Norway’s music scene.

Ten years of pursuing passion. A retrospective.

Blank Space celebrates illustrator Remi Juliebø in a solo exhibition showing off highlighted works in his 10-year career of turning music into images. We journey through his hard times, his good times, and his determination of never letting go of the dream to live off what he loves to do - draw.

Juliebø is summarized best by fellow illustrator Christian Bloom as, “The hardest working man in the design business“, and his style reflects this dedication. Through his detail-oriented, diligent compositions, and dedicated typography, Deformat delivers consistently incredible and unique works to Oslo’s music, cultural, and design scene time and time again.

Celebrating the journey from hobby, through the development of his previous moniker Painbucket, and the transition to Deformat, (where he was joined by his second in command, Thomas Barlund), we invite you to come and take a look at the evolution of his ten years under the influence of music, struggling to make it as a full-time designer/artist and the end result - the creation of the culturally focused graphic design studio Deformat.

Join us as we display a decade’s worth of design, everything from originals and sketches to risograph prints and silkscreen prints, and a chance to purchase both new and old pieces with customizable sizes to suit that empty spot in your studio.

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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