Brenneriveien | Blank Space

Brenneriveien Takeover

11.9.2015 - 01.11.2015

Opening Reception: 11.09.2015 , 18:00-21:00


Blank Space is proud to present their newest exhibition: BRENNERIVEIEN TAKEOVER.


This show features all 9 artists of the Oslo-based illustration collaborative Brenneriveien, featuring both new silkscreen works and old works for sale and display.

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About the artists:


Børge Bredenbekk – aka BBB, aka the Brenneriveien pencil-master granddaddy. Setting the standard; he has no friends and no enemies - just a lovely little dog. Don’t look him in the eyes .


Peter-John de Villiers – a devourer of avocados and obsessor of weird details. PJ hangs loose in a magical cool-dude world of his own while laughing at things you didn’t know existed.


Danny Larsen – promises he’s a pro snowboarder while he draws insane landscapes he wishes he could shred. Slowly turning into the dark lord of the high-cuisine viking clan.


Tom Lenartowicz – clean-line conceptualist and writer of witty words, but as confused as anyone. Somehow English with that surname, he’ll still steal your job. Won the school Christmas card competition in ’94.


Nick Alexander – the health & safety officer and this week’s employee of the week, every week, even when he’s not here. Quietly focused in the corner with his cuppa, but always has time to giggle at your shit jokes.


Remi Juliebø – likes turtles and may have ninja powers. Taps his feet to the rhythm of his pencil between giving someone a creepy compliment every 30 seconds.


Christine Betten – part-time pirate and lady of the house. Seemingly keeping it together on an endless acid trip while producing patterns that would make your grandma wee herself.


Jon Arne Berg – aka JAB. Cartoonishly funny when drunk, and drawing funny cartoons when not. The jolly giant of the office – just don’t bother him with anything at all.


Hans Marius Midtgarden – the voice of reason and always there when you least expect it. A graveyard poet in his spare time, he's almost as serious about his coffee as he is his work.


Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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