Exhibition - BAD ART | Blank Space


20.05.2018 - 05.07.2018

About BAD ART:

The public is welcome to the vernissage Friday May 20th from 18:00 – 21:00, and will be on display until July 5th2018


Blank Space opens it’s annual open call exhibition this summer with BAD ART. In this exhibition, we are inviting artists to show us their worst images - their discarded studies, thrown away sketchbook pages, ugly paintings, and other “Please, let no one else see this monstrosity!” works, in an effort to fight the onset of perfectionism in the creative sector. When audiences are only ever exposed to flawless final results, they are only ever shown that one outcome is possible : the perfect.


This is an uncurated exhibition. Every piece that is sent to us will be hung on the walls. We ask that participants please DO NOT be humble or embarrassed by their work, and to NOT send in pieces that are actually quite good (or even mediocre) - no, only the worst will do. Old student work, recent discarded sketches, middle-school diary doodles - anything.

All work MUST be received by Blank Space no later than Monday, May 14th 2018. Emailed / digital submissions are accepted from international artists ONLY. All works must be wall-ready (either framed, or with appropriate tools for hanging). All works must be properly labeled (ie: name, contact info). This is NOT a sales exhibition.

All art forms are accepted. No restrictions, just bad art.



Death to curation.

When living in a world where only the perfect is visible, we suppress ourselves into thinking that that is all that exists - and the gaping distance between what is naturally amazing and our perceived awfulness plays the excuse for “Why should I even try?”.

This adhesion to perfection, and never anything less, discourages students, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Cue the conversations that always begin and end with:

“They must have been born with special talent, because I could never do that!”.


Or the opposite, but fueled by the same faulty perspective:


“My child could do that!” / “I could do that in half the time!”


How are we to show audiences the reality of what our jobs entail: the long hours, the sketches, the research, the schooling, the color roughs, the studies, the compositions, the reference, the programs, the tools?


By informing the public as a whole, both consumers and producers alike, then we are able to produce a healthier market for all parties involved - and ultimately, create real positive change.

Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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