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About Blank Space

Blank Space is an ambitious creative space in Oslo that works in countless aspects of the visual art and design community.
We are a meeting place for the creative and the productive. We are a safe haven for the curious and the strange. We are a Blank Space for what the visual art and design community needs.


The best way to know who we are is to have a chat with us! Email us at liz@blankspaceoslo.com or stop by one of our events, so we can tell you more personally.

Our goals:

Grow with us:

We are a community house, first and foremost. This means we try to offer the best resources we can for our audience, and encourage them to grow with us - it is through your involvement that we can do more things and make Oslo a more colorful and inspiring place.

Break down the barriers in art: 

Blank Space works with every type of person to reassure them that art is for everyone, regardless of finances, background, education, or job. Rich or poor, young or old, artist or not - everyone is welcome.


Representing art in 2020:

We offer a highly curated focus on art in 2020, focusing on areas such as illustration, animation, comic books, graphic design, street art, film, game design, and concept art. We also work with traditional artists who explore contemporary applications.


Strengthen education: 

Blank Space offers a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and events to broaden the creative resources for artists in Oslo. These high-quality arrangements vary in topic, theme, and level so that everyone can improve their skills in visual art and design.


Support production: 

Blank Space encourages action, not just talking about doing things differently. 


Challenge yourself: 

Through our studios and events we promote taking risks in art, pushing skills past their current level, and helping others to be the best artist / designer they can be. We help people recognize their mistakes while providing a nurturing environment in which to fix them.


Blank Space consists of four parts:


  • Our GALLERY, which produces relatable and inspiring exhibitions, or can be rented by anyone for anything. 

  • Our WORKSHOPS, which grant both entry-level opportunities as well as advanced resources for existing artists.

  • Our STUDIOS, which offer office spaces to 80+ visual artists and designers

  • Our COMMUNITY, where we work within Oslo's creative scene to strengthen the market from the inside.


Storgata 32

0184 Oslo, Norway


Blank Space is located in the center of Oslo in the iconic Gunerius guiling. The closest bus and tram stop is Brugata.

Our entrance is next to the Espresso House from the street - NOT in the shopping mall. Please ring the doorbell that says "Blank Space" and we will come and greet you in the lobby.


Project Manager - liz@blankspaceoslo.com
Event Coordination - events@blankspaceoslo.com

+47 46 76 45 67


Blank Space AS , 920288758 , Storgata 32 0184 Oslo , +47 4676 4567

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